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Presentation design

Presentation design

Do you need professional presentation design?

Project presentations and presentation design are essential when it comes to capturing new investors or clients. Therefore, it is vital to work them carefully, to make them as functional as they are attractive. And this is what we deal with at Vèrtex Comunicació! We adapt the image to your word and the word to your image to create suggestive and consistent presentations with your speech. Do you want to be prepared to present your project to whomever and wherever? We can help you!

Project presentations and presentation design: got questions?

How to captivate potential investors with project presentations and presentation design? Do you want to submit a grant dossier that clearly differs from the other projects? Are you working on a new system that could revolutionise the sector and you need a professional that graphically reflects your project?

Attractive presentations: the first step towards success

Project presentations can make the difference between a successful project and a project saved in the drawer. It is necessary to care about the presented information down to the last detail, but also the design, editing and layout, the photos, the fonts… because everything can make a difference.

Presentation design services

# Consultancy and advice on the creation and presentation of projects.

# Storytelling and storydoing to enliven your brand. Do you want to know what it is? Contact us!

# Corporate content writing and translation into more than 20 languages.

# Design and layout of communication materials: corporate brochures, sponsorship dossiers, grants brochures, etc.

# Audiovisual creation: creation of specific videos, social media short-form videos, photo shooting, etc.

# Web projects design and development.

# Documents’ adaptation and impression in any file format, and print management service.  

# And much more. Contact us!

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