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  • Communication consultancy and advice

Communication consultancy and advice services

Communication consultancy and advice

Do you need communication consultancy and advice services?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we can help in different ways with our communication consultancy and advice services. As the tailor who takes the measurements of his customers, we will take your measurements to identify at what point your communication is in order to know what you really need. We believe in cross-company communication as the backbone of businesses and as an essential tool for life itself.

Communication consultancy and advice: got questions?

What is communication consultancy and advice? How to target goals? How to prepare the communication strategy? What is the difference between image and awareness? What is a SWOT analysis? Should I have one? How to create a brand? Why people do not identify my brand?

Communication consultancy and advice importance

If you do not know how to manage your brand, you need professional communication consultancy and advice. Having a good communication plan is not always a simple task. And taking into account that, either intentionally or involuntary, we spend our lives communicating, it is essential to pay attention to what we communicate, how we do it, to whom, when… Any detail will be essential to help you create a good brand image.

Communication consultancy and advice services

# We analyse in detail the best what are the best communication solutions for your project.

# We make communication plans.

# We define your brand’s personality. Branding, naming, corporate identity, storytelling and storydoing.

# Communication audits to analyse your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

# We detect the possible communication problems to solve and/or avoid them.

# We work with startup companies, consolidated companies, national and international firms, larger and smaller companies.

# We know our way around different sectors: culture, arts, tourism, chemical, technology, real estate, education, etc.

# External communication, internal communication, online communication, political communication, crisis and emergency risk communication.

# And much more. Contact us!

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