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Website content writing

Website content writing

Do you need professional website content writing?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we are in charge of designing your website content marketing strategy and developing your website content writing. We believe that words are as important as design at the time of creating a website. Therefore, we consider everything down to the last detail: from the situation analysis and the definition of the content plan to the writing of attractive texts, optimised for SEO, and linguistic, stylistic and spelling review. In addition, language is not a problem, because if you wish, you can have your website manually translated into more than 20 languages!

Website content writing and content marketing: got questions?

Why is content marketing important for websites? What is the relationship between content and SEO positioning? Is it necessary to translate my website?

Quality content for a better brand image

Content marketing for websites and website content writing is born around the idea that ‘content is the king’. It is one of the disciplines of online marketing, a technique that is used to create relevant and interesting content (texts, videos, infographics, etc.) for the target audience, so that they attract their attention and connect with them. Well applied, this technique can increase web traffic, build brand image and improve SEO positioning.

Website content writing services

# Situation analysis and competition study.

# Definition of the content plan.

# Content writing for websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, emailing, online advertising campaigns, infographics, etc.

# SEO copywriting and web positioning.

# Revision and proofreading.

# Translations into more than 20 languages.

# Written content updating and maintenance.

# And much more. Contact us!

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