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  • Logo design and naming services

Logo design and naming services

Logo design and naming services

Do you need a specialised agency in logo design and naming?

Are you a startup company and are you looking for someone to help you with your logo design and naming? Do you bring a new product line to market and want it to have a unique, attractive and original name and logo? At Vèrtex Comunicació we help you to build or redesign your brand, whether you are company, institution, project, specific campaign… Whatever your situation is, we will make you stand out from the competition.

Logo design and naming: got questions?

Why is it important to have good logos and naming? Is it possible to renew the logo of a consolidated company? What is Verbal Branding and why is it important in brand construction? What should I consider when choosing my brand name?

Want to be a white-label?

Logos and naming could be defined as the identity card of brands, with name, surname and photo included. The naming refers to the creation of brand’s name, a process of creation that requires an analysis and study of the sector, the target audience, etc. to avoid situations where the brand’s name can play against the brand. An example? Here some product names that mean unfortunate things in other languages: Nissan Moco, Mazda Laputa, Mitsubishi Pajero, Teka gas, HP webOS… Logos are essential to shape the brand’s image and let users identify it. Therefore, if you want to stand out in a competitive environment, you should consider having professional logos and naming, as they will be two of the most important elements of your corporate identity.

Logo design and naming services

# Consultancy and advice in the creation of the corporate graphic image: naming, branding, corporate font, corporate colours, etc.

# Corporate image creation and management.

# Logo design.

# Design of a wide range of external corporate elements and corporate interior design: stationery, banners, business cards, folders, dossiers, brochures, flyers, leaflets, infographics, catalogues, booklets, envelopes, packaging, vinyl banners, roll ups, displays, merchandising, etc.

# Creation of the Corporate Identity Manual.

# Website design.

# Documents’ adaptation and impression in any file format, and print management service.  

# And much more. Contact us!

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