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  • Corporate image and other applications

Corporate image and other applications

Corporate image

Do you need to define your corporate image?

Whether you are a new company looking to define your corporate image, or a consolidated company looking for a makeover, at Vèrtex Comunicació we make it easy for you. We want to work your image to help you generate great benefits like market positioning, increase the value of your brand, make you easily recognised and remembered among consumers, and make you stand out from the competition. In addition, we will design your Corporate Identity Manual.

Corporate image: got questions?

Why is corporate image important to create the brand image? Is it possible to renew the image of a consolidated company? What does Corporate Identity Manual include? What elements integrate the graphic identity of a company?

How to visually show the personality of your brand?

Corporate image is one of the essential pillars in the creation of the corporate identity of any organisation, whether it is a private or public company. The image is a key aspect that goes beyond the logo, since it collects any graphic element that can be identified with the organisation. From the logo to the corporate font, there are a multitude of elements to consider, such as corporate colours, corporate stationery… and, ultimately, the use of the image in different applications. All this information is collected in the Corporate Identity Manual, with the intention of promoting a good use of corporate identity.

Corporate image services

# Consultancy and advice in the creation of the corporate graphic image: naming, branding, corporate font, corporate colours, etc.

# Corporate image creation and management.

# Logo design.

# Design of a wide range of external corporate elements and corporate interior design: stationery, banners, business cards, folders, dossiers, brochures, flyers, leaflets, infographics, catalogues, booklets, envelopes, packaging, vinyl banners, roll ups, displays, merchandising, etc.

# Creation of the Corporate Identity Manual.

# Website design.

# Documents’ adaptation and impression in any file format, and print management service.  

# And much more. Contact us!

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