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  • Signage and merchandising design

Signage and merchandising design

Signage and merchandising design

Do you need graphic design services for your signage and merchandising?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we have a creative department that will create your signage and merchandising elements to highlight your brand and communication in all types of supports and spaces. We develop ideas to create original designs for your graphic and promotional elements.

Signage and merchandising: got questions?

How to design merchandising and signage? What are the best merchandising elements for an inaugural event? What are the most original merchandising articles?

Highlight your communication with a wide variety of media

Signage and merchandising are two different elements, but essential in the communication of any organisation. Signage is necessary to orient and guide, which is why the signs must be both understandable, aesthetic and be in harmony with the rest of the space. Merchandising articles are the perfect gift to create brand presence, gain customer loyalty and attract new users.

Signage and merchandising design services

# Internal and external signage design.

# Solutions for all types of advertising formats: merchandising, flags, showcase, packaging, displays, roll ups, billboards, etc.

# Documents’ adaptation and impression in any file format, and print management service.  

# And much more. Contact us!

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