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Communication materials for grants and sponsorships

Do you need help with your projects’ grants and sponsorships?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we help you develop the communication strategy for grants and sponsorships. So if you want to submit a grant for your company or project, and do not know how to manage or write the information they ask for, we will take care of it. Or if you need to find sponsors for your event, we will accompany you with the elaboration of all the communication materials needed to help you maximise the results.

Grants and sponsorships: got questions?

How to design brochures for grants and sponsorships? How to express the brand values to attract investors? What communication materials are needed in a sponsorship campaign? How does sponsorship relate to the brand’s global strategy? How to get funding through communication?

Funding through communication: grants and sponsorships

Grants and sponsorships are an active part of the company’s communication strategy. They are essential tools when seeking public and/or private financing, either for the company or for specific projects. Therefore, it is essential to link the brand with important values for the public to which you are headed, as it will be a direct channel to make your brand known, generating awareness and building your image.

Grants and sponsorships communication services

# Storytelling and storydoing to enliven your brand. Do you want to know what it is? Contact us!

# Sponsorship programmes and grants brochures.

# Creation communication materials: sponsorship brochures, grants brochures, presentations for projects, etc.

# Press office: media relations, writing and dissemination of press releases and press kits, and support in the organisation of press conferences.

# Event organisation support services.

# And much more. Contact us!

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