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Online and offline content revision and proofreading

Revision and proofreading

Do you need a professional service to take care of your content revision and proofreading?

Why is text revision and optimisation important? Can you imagine giving a client a corporate dossier that is full of spelling mistakes or that the information does not have any consistency? What image do you think you would be generating? To avoid this kind of situation, at Vèrtex Comunicació we take care of the revision and proofreading of all your online and offline content to guarantee that your verbal identity is up to the situation.

Revision and proofreading: got questions?

Why is content revision and proofreading important when communicating brand image? Do search engines detect spelling errors? Should translations into other languages be literal or adapted? What is a proofreader?

The value of a comma

If you are not sure about the value of revision and proofreading, let us look at an example. If M&M’S had advertised the slogan ‘The chocolate that melts, in your mouth not, in your hand’ instead of ‘The chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand’, would probably have lost sales. Why? Because it would have advertised a sticky product instead of a delicious chocolate. Proofreading and revision are not only used to avoid confusion like the one in the example. These tools include from the improvement in the writing to the orthographic, linguistic and style supervision to ensure the dissemination of quality and consistent content, without spelling mistakes and having a relaxed reading, and all this to achieve the established communication goals.

Revision and proofreading services

# Linguistic consulting.

# Online and offline content optimisation.

# Proofreading, style and linguistic revision, and spelling check.

# Translations into more than 20 languages.

# And much more. Contact us!

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