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  • Content writing and copywriting

Content writing and copywriting

Content writing and copywriting

Do you need help with your content writing and copywriting?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we are passionately dedicated to online and offline content writing and copywriting, because we are aware of the power of words and how they can help promote you. So if you have something to communicate, either to promote you or to inform, we will take care of selecting the best words to make your communication attractive and effective.

Content writing and copywriting: got questions?

Is it possible to improve the brand image through specialised content writing and copywriting? What is copywriting? Why is it important to adapt the message to every public sector?

A brand that speaks for itself

Specialised content is one of the most direct methods to connect with users. If you write about what they want to know, and you do it right (not only attractively, but also correct), then you will be helping your brand or project attract followers. The art of storytelling is part of the branded content’s strategy, through which brands create attractive and quality content that allows them to remark their values in a more subtle, less intrusive way. It is a way of humanising brands while pursuing established communication objectives to achieve the best results.

Content writing and copywriting services

# Storytelling and Brand Content to enliven your brand. Do you want to know what it is? Contact us!

# Naming and verbal identity.

# Specialised content writing for publications and dissemination materials, presentations for projects, corporate presentations, corporate brochures, grants and sponsorships, magazines, etc.

# Copywriting for online and offline advertising campaigns, newsletters, emailing, spots, dossiers, brochures, catalogues, corporate videos, flyers, documentaries, etc.

# Creation of slogans.

# Journalistic writing for the relationship with the media: press releases, press kits, press calls, interviews, opinion pieces, infographics, magazines, etc.

# Content marketing for websites, blogs, social media, etc.

# Transcription of audio/video media.

# Revision and proofreading.

# Translations into more than 20 languages.

# And much more. Contact us!

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