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  • Short-form videos for social media

Short-form videos for social media

Short-form videos for social media

Do you need short-form video for social media?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we recognise the value of social media and their immediacy. And if we combine this with our passion for the camera… Bingo! You get specialists in short-form videos for social media! These videos can be extremely attractive, which presents them as a great tool to promote any sector. Are you interested in communicating your messages through video marketing? Contact us!

Short-form videos for social media: got questions?

How long should short-form videos for social media be? Is it a good idea to generate own content or not? Can short-form videos for social media be a video summary? What is video marketing?

Super successful video marketing to engage users

Short-form videos for social media are a great tool to make video marketing, which is a marketing technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, products or services. The relevance of this format takes breadth if we take into account its great consumption on the Internet and social networks. Video marketing allows you to transmit messages in an original way, messages that can go viral and that can get from website traffic to sales of your product or service.

Short-form videos for social media services

# Direction and filmmaking of short-form videos for social media, video marketing, websites, online shops, etc.

# Idea, script and location scouting.

# Video editing and post-production.

# Audio editing.

# Lighting equipment.

# Music royalties management.

# 4K and high-quality filming.

# Drone images.

# 360° videos.

# Voice-over.

# Copywriting.

# Transcription, subtitling and translations into more than 20 languages.

# And much more. Contact us!

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