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  • Direction and filmmaking of events summary videos

Direction and filmmaking of events summary videos

Direction and filmmaking of events summary videos

Do you need a professional events summary video?

At Vèrtex Comunicació we attract your customers’ attention with events summary videos. If you have prepared your event down to the last detail, make sure you have contact Vèrtex Comunicació to film it, because a great event deserves to be remembered with professional audiovisual material!

Events summary videos: got questions?

How to make events summary videos? How to take the best shoots of the opening celebration? Can I add interviews? Is it necessary to include a watermark? Why are short-form videos so useful in social networks?

Immortalise your events

Events summary videos are the perfect way to immortalise and summarise all kinds of events. And since there are a thousand types of events, it is necessary to adjust the type of video to guarantee an audiovisual piece that will not only be a good memory, but also a very useful video marketing tool.

Events summary videos services

# Direction and filmmaking of a wide range of corporate and institutional videos, trade fairs, conferences, cultural events, artistic events, company parties, concerts, talks, openings, presentations, etc.

# Video editing and post-production.

# Audio editing.

# Lighting equipment.

# Music royalties management.

# 4K and high-quality filming.

# Drone images.

# 360° videos.

# Event and corporate photograph.

# Transcription, subtitling and translations into more than 20 languages.

# And much more. Contact us!

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Event and corporate photography

Product photography

Support in the organisation of events

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