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Direction and filmmaking of advertising spots

Do you need an advertising spot to attract everyone’s attention?

How many advertising spots do you think we can see in one day? And how many of them do you think we remember? At Vèrtex Comunicació we want you to be a remembered brand. Therefore, our creative department and our audiovisual production company work on different ideas that do not leave anyone indifferent. In a world that has become visual, your brand should also be visual.

Advertising spots: got questions?

How long should advertising spots be? How to make an ad go viral? What types of advertisements exist and which is the best one for my brand? What are video marketing and video branding? Can I use the same ad for television and social networks?

Good advertising spots works, even when you think it does not

Fast! Just say the brand of the first advertising spot that comes to you. Why do you remember it? Surely, and most probably, because behind that advert there was a team of professionals who took care of having an idea, developed it and disseminated it through the right channels. When you give the advert the means to create powerful brand tool, then it is easier for users to remember your product, service and brand.

Spots services

# Direction and filmmaking of advertising spots and artistic photography.

# Video marketing and video branding.

# Video editing and post-production.

# Audio editing.

# Lighting equipment.

# Music royalties management.

# 4K and high-quality filming.

# Drone images.

# 360° videos.

# Copywriting.

# And much more. Contact us!

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Event and corporate photography

Product photography

Advertising campaigns

Copywriting and content writing

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