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HTTPS security protocols and certificates

Do you need a professional service for your website HTTP to HTTPS migration?

If you have to move your website to HTTPS protocols, we will help you! The Internet is a dynamic environment where updates are constant and increasingly demanding. Therefore, at Vèrtex Comunicació we keep up-to-date to help you maintain your website updated, offering you peace of mind and security. If you have seen that on your website there is a warning alert that indicates that the website is not safe, contact us, and we will solve it.

HTTPS security protocols: got questions?

What are HTTPS security protocols and how do they work? Why do I need to move from HTTP to HTTPS? Can search engines penalise a website if it does not have an HTTPS protocol? Is it obligatory to make this migration?

Safe environment for the user’s peace of mind

The HTTPS security protocols (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) are aimed to make the Internet a safer place. To date, this protocol was only mandatory on those websites where personal data were provided, such as online shops or websites of banks. But this Google algorithm will now have to be applied on any type of website. Having an HTTPS protocol allows users to identify the website as official and secure, and this is important because it builds trust.

HTTPS security protocols services

# HTTP to HTTPS migration.

# Website support and technical maintenance.

# Technical updates and security guarantee.

# Website hosting and domain renewal.

# And much more. Contact us!

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