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Direction and filmmaking of tourism advertisements

Tourism advertisements

Do you need tourism advertisements to engage audiences?

Vèrtex Comunicació is your ally in the creation of your tourism advertisements and campaigns. We are an audiovisual production company with experience in the creation of all kinds of tourism promotional videos for destination brands. So if you need someone able to promote and convey the magic of your town/city, contact us!

Tourism advertisements: got questions?

What should tourism advertisements convey? Can a city or town have a brand? What is a destination brand? How to use videos in tourism promotion campaigns?

Audiovisual potentiality in tourism promotion

Tourism promotion advertisements should convey destinations in an attractive way. How? With mind and heart, but above all, with mind in order to touch out people’s heart. This communication tool has the strength to transmit with images what sometimes we are not able to express and, therefore, it conveys a destination’s essence, culture, magic, sensations… Tourism destination adverts are a perfect tool of the tourism promotion plan to attract consumers’ attention and seduce them.

> ‘Deltebre, natural attraction’, best tourism advertisement of Catalonia (festival terres Catalunya 2017)

Tourism advertisements services

# Direction and filmmaking of a wide range of tourism promotional videos: tourism advertisements, specialised reports and documentaries, tourism films, short films, spots, short-form videos for social media, video marketing, etc.

# Idea, script and location scouting.

# Video editing and post-production.

# Audio editing.

# Lighting equipment.

# Music royalties management.

# 4K and high-quality filming.

# Drone images.

# 360° videos.

# Voice-over.

# Copywriting.

# Transcription, subtitling and translations into more than 20 languages.

# And much more. Contact us!

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